Plotly.js graph not Elastic

When I use some large quantity of data,graph have some intersecting lines

Please give a solution
Thanks :slightly_smiling:

Could you be a bit more specific what the issue is? I see you have some plotting lines going horizontal, but that is most likely due to a data point that is out of order.

Thanks Miklos for a quick response!

I have attached one graph in which there are intersection of lines in it.
Can you tell me the reason why these intersection lines are coming?

I had used Plotly.js in this. There is no value which is out of order in the data

Thanks much,

Without seeing your data being used, I can’t tell you exactly what would be causing that, but that behaviour typically occurs when data sets are ordered incorrectly.

If you can share your example (either jsBin/jsFiddle/Codepen) I can take a look. I apologize for not replying for so long!