Hello everyone - this is my first post on the forum and I want to say hello to the Plotly community.

EN: My “EPIDEMIC” app in version: “SARS-CoV-2_PL_V_2.0” is complete now.
PL: Moja aplikacja “EPIDEMIA” w wersji: “SARS-CoV-2_PL_V_2.0” jest już kompletna.
@plotly #Plotly #Dash #Python
EN: https://scv2pl.github.io/scv2pl-en
PL: https://scv2pl.github.io

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Hi @LukeBlueLOx , welcome.

I like your app. well done. Especially the trend overlay

Some small remark for improvement, this same overlay has artifacts in the population data/representation. sometimes there are things like Population: 80200.00000001 :wink: etc


Really nice app, @LukeBlueLOx Thank you for sharing with us.

And welcome to the community :wave:

We’re going to post about this app on our Linkedin :slight_smile:

What made you want to create it?

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@adamschroeder @jcuypers

Hello everyone in the morning from “Giant Mountains” in Poland - the Polish name of these mountains is Karkonosze: they are located on the Polish-Czech border in the south-west of the country. Thank You to the Plotly community for such a warm welcome, it was a huge surprise for me when I woke up at 3am. It’s now 04:31 in the morning and my coffee is spiced with a huge dose of joy and even a bit of emotion - Thank You all very much :-).
As I announced in the description of my “2.0” application on GitHub - my goal for the “3.0” application is to create all plots and maps using the powerful Plotly software - this is the best option and solution for me: because I’m still learning programming in Python and this language is supposed to be the main language for me during the software development process. I hope that along with gaining experience, I will also be lucky enough to contribute to the development of the tools I use - so that my technological debt is as small as possible: Thank You all again very much :-).
P.S. I am currently in the testing phase and there are still a lot of small fixes and improvements ahead of me. The first thing I noticed - I need to implement in my maps: hover label on the selected area of the choropleth map without centered position of the polygon. Typical for many districts in Poland is a city with an envelope of another district - which is an urban-rural or rural municipality. In this case, a centered position in the polygon is undesirable, because the hover label points to a to a city that is in the envelope of the indicated municipality.

Looking for a solution to this case - I also discovered a great idea for creating my new map using the Plotly software that presents the 14-day trend of infections using a bar chart next to the map after hovering over the selected area of ​​the “district”:



Good evening
Thank you very much indeed for sharing this amazing app with us I will definitely go through it
With kind regards

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