Get values on multiple axes

Hello! I have another questions for you guys.

I have a multi y axes plot and i need to show some graphics separate (subplot) but i need on mouseover all the points in every y axes.
My code is similar to this
example subplot

I need that if i go over a point all the y values are shown .
Olso there are a way to throw a vertical line between the points?

Thank you very much for the answer!

Hey - you can check out this example to learn how to couple hover events:

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Thanks for the answer.

Sorry, one more thing. On the event i have a eventdata different from that on example. You know why? Depend by the jQuery version?

Hello, i try to do this

//MOUSE HOVER EVENT $("#placeholder").on('plotly_hover', function (data){ if(typeof !== "undefined"){ var data =; var pointNumber = data[0].pointNumber; var arrayCurve = []; for(var index in _global_curveNumber){ arrayCurve.push({curveNumber:index, pointNumber:pointNumber,subplot: _global_curveNumber[index] }); } Plotly.Fx.hover('placeholder',arrayCurve); } });

I can’t publish all my code but i have a lot of axis and they change if some filter is setted. So in _global_curveNumber there are all the axis that i use and the value is a string like β€œxy3”,β€œxy4”,β€œxy”, ecc ecc

What is wrong?

Thank you very much.

This feature will part of the next release.

See for more details

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