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Mouse hover label on subplots position

Hello guys!
I tried to use the new functonality for show all the subplots hover informations, i have some question about it.

  1. It seems that it’s not work for the date in string format. The Plotly.Fx.hover(“placeholder”, {xval: xval}, array); if xval is a string an error appear. For let this works i have converted the dates in timestamp.
  2. The label of the x axes appear in the middle of the graph. Exist a pattern of where it should be appear or it’s random? (example in pic)


Can you share a reproducible example?

I can’t reproduce the code that i have because is realy complex and i use function to create dynamic axis with different value.
But this is what i wont to do! In this case it works perfectly but i have notice that i don’t have the same object in return from hover event. The object eventdata is completly different on my application. I have set in codepen the same jquery e the same plotly version that i have on my app.

… I know it’s not very useful and i think it’s my problem and not a problem of the library …