How to show X axis coordinates all data for stacked plotly for candle sticks

I have been trying to achieve this plot someway still i do not find right solution.The completely problem description and expected output ,python code is shared here in the link. If anyone could provide the keywords to achieve this or the code will be helpful.

Complete Code and Problem Description LINK

the old post that is still open without solution is here.

Note : it is stacked subplot chart that means layout is divided into sections and plots are done so for this type of chart solution is needed not for the multiple plots done within 0-100 layout area as single chart one.

Thanks for your support . I hope this time i get code for this one from experts.


Is this for a standalone Plotly chart or part of a Dash application?

The reason why I am asking is because I imagine it would be possible to set up some additional js code to implement that (using hover events), but I don’t have any idea how to do it in a single plot.

This is a very nice functionality for financial data, as often multiple timeseries can’t fix in the same y-axis naturally, but you still want to hover the subplots together. It is unfortunate that this a Feature Request needs sponsor, so it will take a while to see this functionality.

This is for standalone plotly (offline) chart . If you have any solution to do this in Java/Javascript with Python to Java interface that is also ok.
I basically want neat, concise look and feel ,easy to hover chart for financial analysis.

The chart is stacked chart ,in one layout ,multiple section partition done to plot each of the needed graph.

What do you mean by Sponsorship required for this to do?

What do you mean by Sponsorship required for this to do?

This feature has been requested before, but the Plotly team would prioritize just if there is a sponsor.

Here’s the issue on GH: