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Go.CandleStick How to set Line at each of the Stacked 0 th reference and how to show all data points in stacked hovering subplots in python

I want to set 0 horizantal line ,tried multiple methods .
what is the right code to get 0th reference line for this.
tracecan = go.Candlestick(x=df.index,
name = “CandleEQ”,
increasing=dict(line=dict(color= ‘#23AB0E’)),
decreasing=dict(line=dict(color= ‘#FD1212’)),
#line = dict(line=dict(color = ‘#815D09’)),
#line = df[0],
#line = dict(width = 0), no error
line = dict(color= ‘#23AB0E’),
opacity = 0.8,
#connectgaps = True,
#show_weekend = False,

the “line” code given throwing error.
i want ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ line like this at 0th position

also is there a solution now to show hovering information of all stacked subplots in single click

any help here friends.