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Geoplotting using the input command for any city with dash

Is there is any way to plot only one location (latitude and longitude) on map. Because, I have created an input box wherein when I type any city name, I get the exact latitude and longitude, but unable to plot those points on the map. I don’t know what type of plot to be used in this case. I looked some examples of dash and plotly. All the examples have a set of latitudes and longitudes predefined in a dataset.

I’m making something that, when a user types any valid city name, the appropriate location of that city should get plotted on the geographical plot.

What could be the suggestion here to get what I wanted?




I think the best option is to use plotly.graph_objs.Scattergeo.

It is basically a scatter plot, but tailored to geographical plotting.

It takes lat and lon as main arguments, and places the point(s) on the right place in the map.

This will get you a standard default map, which you can customize, but customizing the plotly.graph_objs.Layout of the plot. (width, height, plot_bgcolor, etc).

Under the layout dictionary you can add several parameters through the geo option, which has very useful options. Check the full list here: (where to center the map, what lat and lon limits to give it, the angle of the earth, whether to show country borders or not, oceans, etc).

Hope this helps!

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