I would like to do a geomap for online radios. please help and how to

this is what I whant to do … and leave it in the microsoft store so everyone can use it.

this is the link: Listen to live London radio on Radio Garden – Radio Garden

please, some tips to how can I make this possible.

how can I get a round geo map?

how can I add pontis to the local radios?

any one wanna help to this cook app?

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Hello @topotaman,

You should check out my Dashboard-Helper, this could help you adjust things on the fly to the graph and find the display that you are looking for.

You can also upload a csv file to display the points easily. :slight_smile:

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aweasum … but … how do I display points in a graph???

this is what I have for now:

import plotly.graph_objects as go

fig = go.Figure(go.Scattergeo())
fig.update_geos(lataxis_showgrid=True, lonaxis_showgrid=True)
fig.update_layout(height=700, margin={"r":0,"t":0,"l":0,"b":0})
    visible=False, resolution=110, scope="world",
    showcountries=True, countrycolor="Black",
    showsubunits=True, subunitcolor="Blue",
    showcoastlines=True, coastlinecolor="RebeccaPurple",
    showland=True, landcolor="LightGreen",
    showocean=True, oceancolor="LightBlue",
    showlakes=True, lakecolor="Blue",
    showrivers=True, rivercolor="Blue"

Right now, it is associated with px. So, you’d need to use something like px.scatter_geo, which takes its info from a dataframe.

Then just associate your settings in the layout and chart settings that are there. A lot of these settings are built into the chart itself, like the projection, etc.

I have have got some localizations … they are by coordenates. I will try to start step by step … how can I add the coordinates of the cities I have as dots in the globe?

Add them to a csv file, in lat and lon and then use those as your “lat” and “lon” points. :slight_smile:

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but, how? with a fig.update_what?

It should look like this: