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General User Docs

Hi all

Three month ago, I discovered Dash and really like it. I am using it in may day-job. The community is great and the docs available also offer good support. However, when it comes to more specific questions finding answers gets a bit tricky, especially if one is not familiar with css etc. (just as an example for styling questions). I would appreciate if an in-depth documentation would be available. I mean you get an answer sooner or later but a bit more documentation would be great. Just as an example: I wanted to check the dash_table format options. In the end, I looked up the class on github.

All the best

This area definitely needs improvement. However, in case you missed it, all of the components have a dedicated reference page which outlines every single property available to them. For example, for the table, this is at dash.plot.ly/datatable/reference

Thanks for your answer! Yes, those references are great. I think that the current docs let experienced programmers move fast. For some guys (like me) with about 4years python experience and couple of months experience in WebApps more examples etc. would be very helpful. Maybe not more but better structured docs. Anyway, Dash is great and I will continue to use is improving my knowledge.

Have a nice day