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πŸ“£ Announcement - New Documentation Chapters and Reference on Dash Core Components

:mega: We just released several new chapters and reference guides for the Dash Core Components package :mega:

We have just added sub-chapters for each component in the Dash Core Components chapter of the Dash User Guide.

There is now a link below each component for More Examples and Reference:

These subchapters contain several examples for each component:

and a reference table at the end of the chapters displaying all of the properties of the component:

Here are some example chapters:

These docs are open source at, PRs are accepted! The β€œproperties” table at the end of each chapter is automatically generated from the underlying source of the components. So as we add new properties or update the comments of the components in the underlying dash-core-components package, the documentation will automatically update (for example, here are the annotated properties for the Dropdown component:


The reference tables are a great addition to the docs. :tada: :tada: :tada:

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