Financial Life Planner

Hey all,

Have you wanted to plan your financial future?

This app helps you do that.

I started working on a it a few weeks ago and the current version is possibly buggy, but I wanted to show it and get your feedback on what you personally need.

Currently you can:

  • Add assets and liabilities.
  • Add current and future cash in/outflows such as salary, pension, rent, and others.

One reason why I started this project is to help me decide how risky my investment portfolio should be. If it is too risky, I can lose money and not meet my future financial obligations. If it is too safe, I am not earning as much as I can in the long term.

You can only decide how risky your portfolio should after considering all your financial details. That is why the first features of the app help you plan your general financial life.

The next features I will add to the tool are:

  • Investment portfolio simulator where you see:
    • How likely you are to meet your future financial goals/obligations.
    • How much money you can expect to make from your investments.
    • And thus you can decide how risky your investments should be.
  • Whether it makes more financial sense to buy or rent a place to live in.

What do you think? What features do you personally need most?

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