[Show] Expenses visualization app

Hello, I just wanted to share a project I have been working on for almost a year.

It is a dash app for viewing personal transactions (Expenses/Incomes).


This is how it looks like:

View it in action

Here you can see a simple demo of what you can do.

You can try it out on heroku.

Main features

Some highlitghts about the app:

  • You can upload your own excel file
  • It uses dash_bootstrap for it’s layout.
  • I recently adaptet to dash 0.39 to use the game changer new feature of multi-output
  • It also uses the new feature that checks which input has been triggered
  • It has different pages so it is structured to be flexible

You can check it out on github.

The other app

I have another repo with a very similar app that it is private. This second app connects directly to dropbox to fetch my own data. To keep it private I use dash_auth to implement a login.

I also wanted to share this second app because their share the main structure and this second one has more pages and a custom data_loader (more info about a problem I had here) to retrive the data. I belive that the code might be useful if you want to implement something similar. More info in my web.


Feel free to use this app or parts of the code and if you like it, let me know.

Also if you think there are things that could be improved (which I know there are) let me also know.

Thanks in advance!

Arnau Villoro Bort