Feature Request: hexagonal bin 2-dimensional density plot

Dear Plotly community,
would it be possilbe to implement a 2-dimensional density plot with hexagonal bins like this one matplotlib.pyplot.hexbin — Matplotlib 3.7.2 documentation in the Plotly GraphObjects? Many people, especially they from science and engineering, would be very thankful for having a well-designed version of it.
Thanks a lot in advance!

FYI there is a way to do this for map of traces via hexbin mapbox.

I don’t think it is available for Cartesian traces at this stage, a ‘workaround’ if you need the hexbin without map background might be to use the white background, but you wouldn’t have axes etc.

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@Athlete a few years ago I devised a workaround using an old Plotly version that can be updated to work with the actual one. Here is the discussion and the link to a notebook posted in 2019: How to create hexbin plot