Beginner question: Cannot create hexbins without MapBox

I can’t seem to find documentation on how to create hexbins without MapBox – the similar topics all ask for maps and I just want the hexbins without any background. I see lots of posts of hexbins without them and can’t find any info on how to implement it with my data. For info I’m using this dataset, here’s a snippet:

This is my code:

#using the ff module
fig = ff.create_hexbin_mapbox(
data_frame=df, lat=“r”, lon=“q”, #color=“randNumCol”, #color_discrete_map =[“red”, “blue”, “grey”],
nx_hexagon=22, opacity=0.5, labels={“color”: “color label”},

I would love to be able to 1) make sure they have at leas 650 hexagons (I have played wth the min-counts 2) change the colors to just red blue and grey (as the color map above)

The idea is to create something similar to Hex map builder but I’m afraid it’s beyond my depth so I’m just doing a simple 2D non interactive one

I apologize if this has been asked before… I’m learning on my own and would appreciate any help. Thank you in advance

Hey @nnoble, there is currently only hexbin_mapbox in the Plotly suite.

A workaround if you don’t want a map background is to use mapbox_style="white-bg". This still has some limitations:

  • No cartesian XY axes
  • You still need to use valid latitude/longitudes, and preferably values close to the equator to avoid the Merkator projection distortion of your data