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Exporting to plot.ly from jupyter notebook logs me out of plotly.com site

I think this is a plotly.com site login/authentication issue, but fumbling around on that site steered me here. Please point me elsewhere if this is the wrong place for this issue!

I’ve created a couple scatter plots using plotly and cufflinks from jupyter notebook. Then I’ve clicked the “Export to plot.ly” link in the lower right, and seen the same plots perfectly recreated within the “plot.ly/create/” page workflow. Then I’ve added a couple modifications (layering traces, something that I was unable to accomplish in jupyter) and attempted to Save / Share / Export, but the site first prompts me to log in. However, I am logged in, in another browser tab, and my attempt to RE-login via the page loaded from a jupyter notebook export is failing 100% of the time. The message is: “Uh oh! We encountered an unknown error, please try again later.” Again, this despite the fact that on the next browser tab over I am logged in to my plot.ly site account.

Is this a known bug regarding session state not transferring between browser tabs? Or maybe even a “feature” intended to limit export of visualizations originating in jupyter notebook? Based on how other sites handle authentication, loading a website from an application ought to automatically discover that I’m already logged in to the site (or least should permit me to “re” log in if the newly loaded browser tab does not detect the authentication state). Does plot.ly not adhere to this common pattern?