Was my data sent to Plotly servers?

Hello Plotly Ninjas!

Newbie, here. I tried plotting in Jupyter Notebook and was greeted with the following error:

Aw, snap! We don't have an account for ''. Want to try again? You can authenticate with your email address or username. Sign in is not case sensitive.

Don't have an account? plot.ly

Questions? support@plot.ly

PlotlyError: Because you didn't supply a 'file_id' in the call, we're assuming you're trying to snag a figure from a url. You supplied the url, '', we expected it to start with 'https://plot.ly'.
Run help on this function for more information.

My question is, was my data sent to the Plotly servers despite above error message?
(PS - I understand that I needed to sign in, or plot offline)


My guess is your data wouldn’t hit the Plotly server until after authentication. Would be nice if someone from Plotly got back on this one.

If you’re running in jupiter notebook you can see what data MIGHT have been sent by plotting your output=div. Notebook will spit out what was used to render the chart on a webpage.