Deploying to - Cheaper/Even Free? alternative to Heroku

After finding out that Heroku was going to be eradicating their free plans, I set out to find an alternative. I first I thought it would be easy to use AWS’s elastic beanstalk, but it was just a headache and not worth the potential cost. Then, I stumbled upon, and it has been looking great.

Using windows Powershell, you deploy a app with a few simple commands similar to Heroku.

Also, since I’ve been using it, I have not paid anything or even put in a payment method. It is a pay as you go service and many of the costs seem to be virtually free.

On top of that, you can get free certificates on your site (https) using Let’s encrypt (which is not an option that I know of with Heroku) AND you can use custom domains for free with (You still actually have to get the domain from a place like google domains).

Even better is the fact that I have not experienced any downtime or have had the site spin down after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Now there are a few cons: One of them being that I have not seen or heard much about compared to other hosting services. Also the deployment of my site takes a few more minutes then it took to deploy on Heroku. Finally, I have noticed the site runs slightly slower than on Heroku, but it is not very noticeable.

I am willing, however, to deal with the slightly longer load times to have access to SSL certificates, almost constant uptime, custom domains, and a decent/easy to use backend hosting service without having to put in a payment method.

If you would like to view my site, it can be found @


Yea the Heroku issue has disheartened a lot of people. I concur AWS beanstalk is overly complicated for what it’s worth. I actually found docker and aws fargate to be infinitely easier than beanstalk, that’s what my current app is hosted on.

I haven’t heard of, might have to give this a trial run.

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hi @NiBk
Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I haven’t heard of fly . io so I’ll give it a try.
We are currently searching for a replacement for Heroku. As soon as we find one, we’ll message the whole community.

Thank you,

1 Like is another free service to check out, although command line deployment is not supported for free tier users.

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Thank you for sharing your Dash app with us. I really enjoyed playing around with it. Do you happen to have the app’s code open source?

No sorry not yet, I just finished developing it before I went off and started college. I have limited access to the code now and also a limited amount of time to clean up the code itself (2000+ lines). Once I have the time and figure out how to use git, I will definitely look into releasing the code.


13 days after your post is not possible anymore to deploy an app on without credit card.

Strange, I might have luckily grandfathered in to the previous policy as I have still have not needed to put in a credit card and have been able to deploy multiple new updates to my app.