Datepicker Component not rendering properly

Hi Dash users,

I recently just did an upgrade on my dash library to 0.43.0. and the datepicker under dash core component I used to have on my app is not rendering properly (It used to work fine before the upgrade). I also checked the dash website, datepicker section, the sample datepicker they also not rendering properly. Is this a bug? Also i used to have a customized css to format my datepicker, it is also not working, anyone know what is the new way to format my datepicker using css.

Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you!

I believe this is a known issue:

And I think this Pull Request fixes it in the next version of Dash:

Hi Damian,

Thanks for the quick reply. Do you know when is the next version of Dash will release?

No, and I’m also not that sure the Pull Request I linked to actually fixes the formatting issue, I just saw it’s going in now and links to that issue. Hopefully one of the developers can comment.