Data Engineering Zoomcamp Project

Hi guys,

I want to share a project I worked on learning Data Engineering from the DataTalksClub Channel on YouTube.

This is the project architecture. I leveraged tools like Apache Airflow, dbt, GCP BigQuery and Cloud Storage, and Plotly and Dash.

You can view the web app here:

GitHub Repo: GitHub - 0ladayo/Data-Engineering-Zoomcamp-Project

Medium Post: Data Engineering Zoomcamp Project | by Oladayo | Dec, 2022 | Medium

The web app can be viewed in the link below; It’s best viewed on a large screen for now. Trying to work (learn) around it so it can be flexible on different screen sizes

Thank you so much and Happy Holidays to everyone


Nice work @Oladayo. I have seen this on LinkedIn already.

How was the ZoomCamp, can you recommend it?

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Thank you @AIMPED

Yes, I will recommend it. The content was good and free.

I loved that I was introduced to framework like Docker, Terraform, Airflow and DBT. Never heard of some prior to watching the content.

There are also assignments at the end of each week and a slack channel one can ask questions.

The new cohort starts in January.

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Nice work! I do love me some mapping projects. :partying_face:

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Thank you. I do too :blush: :smiley:

Hey, thanks for the info. Isn’t the stuff available anyway? I mean, these aren’t live sessions, are they?

I registered, but in the end did not have the time to assist, unfortunately.

The content are not live any longer. It was live during the Jan - May period this year when this year cohort was on.

I didn’t know about it then, so I just decided to watch the content.

With the new cohort in Jan, my guess is there will be new live content during that period;.

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