My first Dash App - Community projects Monitor

Hi There!
I am quite a newbie with Dash and recenlty join the community after following “Charming Data”.
Great way to learn, collect and share experiences.

I am proud to share my first live app running here.

This in draft version of a small project I am developing for a community active in the Crypto space. This the “embryo” of a tracker of the project developed inside the community.

I also create a reference public Github repo for everyone is interested to the implementation. (CommunityProjectsOverview - GitHub repo)
Any suggestion to improve the app or make the code more robust… super welcome!! :blush:



Very nice @topaccina,

I like how you did your tabs, very nice.

Question, how fast is it locally compared to hosted when filtering the data table?

Nice work!

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Nice work, just have a suggestion that maybe you can use dependent dropdown for table filtering :smiley:

HI @jinnyzor. Thanks for looking at the app. Actually these is no signficant difference in terms of filtering speed between the local vs hosted. I just noticed that the hosted version “randomly” reacted slower sometimes.

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ciao @hoatran. I am woking on it. It is unpleasant and misleading see not meaninful options.
By now I am “doing nothing” if the callback return a table with 0 shape.
…work in progress … :woman_mechanic:

That’s a really good looking app @topaccina !

I too like those tabs, can you box up the code for the tabs and send them to me, i’d like to put them up as building blocks for others to use on DMC/DBC Building Blocks

Hello @tphil10 … happy if this could help in the community. Let me explore the link you provide. I am curious to find new resources.
I will extrapolate the tab part to make it independent and back to you asap. Need a little of spare time for this.


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hello @tphil10.

I packed the code and created a repo.
Here’s the details
I hope that this matches with your request. Let me know!