Dash Club - Dispatch #2

:wave: Hey Dash Community –

I’ve started writing fortnightly updates on Dash development as part of a new email newsletter “Dash Club”. I’ve just published the 2nd batch of updates, sign up for the email here. Lots of good stuff in there!


Hi Chris, Just wanted to let you know that the Dash Club emails are incredibly useful. Thanks for taking the time to put them together.

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Thanks @ghavranek, I appreciate the feedback!

Hey @chriddyp! Been a huge fan of the Dash Club newsletters and am eagerly awaiting #3 - do you know when that is going to be released? I imagine the datatables release must have been very time consuming and is probably why! Great job on the datatables component, I’m looking forward to trying it out

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Glad to hear you’re enjoying it! Expect #3 next week, lots of great stuff to share :slight_smile:

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#3 is finally out: 📣 Dash Club Dispatch #3