Data Conversion to Sunburst

So I have managed to create a two layered Sunburst Plot consisting of the building element in the core, and orientation on the next level down. The ‘values’ I am using to create the chart is the total heat loss, seen in column T. I am using the following spreadsheet format below:

Windows is one of 7 main metrics I am looking at within the central pie of the sunburst.

I am trying to add a third layer of data in to the sunburst, specifically breaking down the heat loss of windows in to their element parts, however am struggling to work out how to get this in to the correct format.

The figure above shows that for each different window in column P, there are 4 different types of heat losses:

  • Glazing Heat Loss
  • Frame Heat Loss
  • Glazing Thermal Bridge Heat Loss
  • Frame Thermal Bridge Heat Loss

However I am struggling to work out how I can get that data to represent itself as a third layer of the sunburst diagram. Ie, of the windows facing north, what percentage of heat loss is through the Glazing / Frame/ Glazing Thermal Bridge / Frame Thermal Bridge. I suppose it is because each window has 4 elements to it, and I am struggling to work out how to represent that in a vertical column to go in to the sunburst.

I hope this question makes sense…

Thanks for your help!