Multiple leaves on Sunburst Chart

I’m new to the forum and Plotly in general. I hope my post gives sufficient context.
Let me know what I can do to improve.

Onto my questions, I’d like to know if it’s possible to make a sunburst chart with multiple leaves.
I’ve included a “fake” dataset. As of right now, I know I can make a sunburst chart with this level:
Country → State → City → Total or Corolla or Sienna or RAV-4 or Highlander
But I’d like the last level to be a combination of 2 or more variables, as in:
Country → State → City → Corolla and Sienna and RAV-4 and Highlander
with the last level makes up its parent.
Is this possible for the sunburst chart with the presented dataset?

Thank you very much,

Turns out I just have to change to table format for this kind of thing.
Wide to long and so on.

For anyone who’s a newbie like me, look into pandas melt and groupby functions.