Can't create go.Sunburst

Hi guy,
I just go.Sunburst (Sunburst Charts in Python) .When I try with 2 column, itโ€™s okie. But, when I try with 3 column, It not work.
My data look like:

This is my code:

def build_hierarchical_dataframe(df, levels, value_column):
    Build a hierarchy of levels for Sunburst or Treemap charts.

    Levels are given starting from the bottom to the top of the hierarchy,
    ie the last level corresponds to the root.
    df_all_trees = pd.DataFrame(columns=['id', 'parent', 'value'])
    for i, level in enumerate(levels):
        df_tree = pd.DataFrame(columns=['id', 'parent', 'value'])
        dfg = df.groupby(levels[i:]).sum()
        dfg = dfg.reset_index()
        df_tree['id'] = dfg[level].copy()
        if i < len(levels) - 1:
            df_tree['parent'] = dfg[levels[i+1]].copy()
            df_tree['parent'] = 'total'
        df_tree['value'] = dfg[value_column]
        df_all_trees = df_all_trees.append(df_tree, ignore_index=True)
    total = pd.Series(dict(id='total', parent='',
    df_all_trees = df_all_trees.append(total, ignore_index=True)
    return df_all_trees

def handle_data_sunburst_sumary_2col(dff,lst_col):
    df = dff[lst_col]
    result = df.groupby(lst_col,as_index=False).agg({ 'count':'sum'})
    return result

def sunburst_chart_sumary(dff,lst_col):
    data = handle_data_sunburst_sumary_2col(dff,lst_col)
    fig = go.Figure()
    levels = lst_col[::-1] #levels used for the hierarchical chart
    value_column = 'count'
    df_all_trees = build_hierarchical_dataframe(data, levels, value_column)

            textinfo='label+percent entry',
            hovertemplate='<b>%{label} </b> <br> count: %{value}<br>',

    fig.update_layout(margin=dict(t=10, b=10, r=10, l=10))
    return fig

# fig = sunburst_chart_sumary(dff,['label_SBin','HandlerID'])
fig = sunburst_chart_sumary(dff,['label_SBin','HandlerID','TesterNumber'])

Are there any solutions for this problem? Thanks .

I have identified the error . Because in my data there are many duplicate ids. So I changed the id to path, but how can I change the label when showing :
eg: pass / AmkorSLT #1 => AmkorSLT #1