Is there a way to plot a 2D graph in 3D space?

Hello guys!
So I’m trying to plot my 2D sunburst graph in 3D space.
I would like to have multiple layers in vertical and have each layers display a sunburst graph.
I’ve been researching on this topic for a while but I couldn’t find any solution.
If anyone could help me out, it’d be great!

Hello @yechoe hum I’m not sure I would recommend this :-). Sunburst graphs are often quite busy, and 3D can make it more complicated to read them. A solution with subplots would not work for you? (see

Anyway, there is no direct way to do what you want (see for example about pie charts, a sunburst chart can be seen as a complex pie chart). You can define your own visualizations using the Mesh3d trace (, see also amazing examples by @empet such as but it will be very manual…