Sunburst Graphical Object with Python

Hello, I have a question that I actually searched everywhere for an answer and I haven’t found it. I’m working with sunburst subplots using Graphical_Object and it works relatively good (there is a little problem related to the total node not showing information, but I’ll figure this out later). What I cannot find is if I can set different color configurations for parent and child nodes. For exemple as parent I have something like [“Product Type one”, “Product Type 2”, “Product Type 3”, …] and for each one of those I have children such as [“Product One”, “Product 2”, “Product 3”, “Product 4”, …]. So my actual color configuration relates to the Real production’s time of each of those products and the size of the portion of the diagram relates to the quantity of products produced. But I want to make this change: for the parent I want to maintain as it is with color related to the total time of production for each Product Type. but for the children (The individual products) I want they to relate to the Theoretical production’s time. And this I have no Idea how to do. Do you guys have any ideas on this topic ?? Thanks immensily !

Hey @TheArtistt welcome to the forums.

Some sample code usually helps with getting your question answered :slight_smile: faster.