DashR Deployment docs


I am wondering if DashR is still actively being developed? I can see that several of the R pages are showing that they’re not available yet.

For instance, deployment of Dash apps: Deploy your Dash App | Dash for R Documentation | Plotly

Additionally, the Heroku-docker-R container on DockerHub is still R 3.6, is there any way we can update that to R 4.1 or should I fork it and create my own docker image?

Overall, I guess I’m wondering if I should look towards teaching something else if this is no longer a priority? I understand if it’s not, just wanted to check before investing a bunch of time updating my course material.

Thanks for all your work so far bringing Dash to R!

Update: I decided to use the Rocker (http://rocker-project.org) Docker images so no longer need a Heroku docker R image.

Here is a deployed repo: GitHub - firasm/dashR_deployed

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Found this because my containerized R deployment on Heroku broke recently and needed a version bump.

This deployment worked today: covid_dashR/Dockerfile at main · JohnMulligan/covid_dashR · GitHub