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Setup for deploying Dash R app on Linux server

I am attempting to deploy my Dash app on a Linux server and have run into a few roadblocks. I am a student and have been struggling with this for several weeks, so am grateful for any guidance. Am posting here on the recommendation of @Emil.

I am using Dash for R, not the Python version (though I imagine the requirements for hosting are similar). I would like to host an informational website which displays several bioinformatics analyses. I can run my website locally and access it on my computer at

Within app.R , I create the Dash app object as follows:

app = Dash$new()
server = app$server

After defining the layout and several callbacks, I run the following at the end of app.R to serve my website locally:


Due to data use requirements, I must host this website on a VM running CentOS 7 (e.g., server.org ). Currently, the code for my website (i.e., app.R and graphs/figures, subdirectories, etc.) is contained within a GitHub repository cloned on the VM at /var/www/html/<repository> . I have installed the dependencies and opened port 8050 on the VM. When I run curl , I see the HTML code of my website.

I am unsure how to set up Gunicorn (and Docker, if needed?) to serve my website at server.org .

From what I have read, I understand that I can use a systemd service to run app.R by creating a <repository>.service file at /etc/systemd/system . Is using a Docker container an alternative solution? Do I also need to use a web server (Gunicorn? Apache? Nginx?) to actually serve my website?

Thanks for your time.

Hi Plotly community - I am kindly following up on this post. I still haven’t been able to find a solution to the above, and would be grateful for any guidance or pointers. Thanks.