📣 Dash for R v0.3.0 released

I’m pleased to announce the release of Dash for R v0.3.0, which brings us to parity with the Python release in terms of major features within the framework.

Additionally, v0.3.0 provides several improvements to streamline deployments for Dash Enterprise users.



  • Dash for R now supports index customization and index templates #168

  • Relative URL paths may be used, given the addition of the get_relative_path and strip_relative_path methods #172

  • Application titles may be set using the app$title() method, for parity with Dash for Python’s app.title syntax #168

  • Dash for R now requires dashCoreComponents v1.8.0

  • Dash for R now requires dashTable v4.6.0

  • Routes and requests pathname prefixes are now automatically set for deployed apps whenever DASH_APP_NAME environment variable has also been set #165


  • Application titles can no longer be set using name parameter, which is now deprecated with a warning, for parity with Dash for Python #168
  • Removed DASH_HOST and DASH_PORT, Dash for R now uses HOST and PORT #167

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