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šŸ“£ Dash for R v0.5.0 released, now available via CRAN

Iā€™m pleased to announce the release of Dash for R v0.5.0, which is the first release of Dash available for download from CRAN!

This release provides documentation improvements, a minor bug fix for interpolate_index, and removes the implicit dependence on the dashHtmlComponents package. Please visit our changelog for more information:



  • Dash for R no longer wraps the layout in an htmlDiv internally, for parity with Dash for Python. Starting in v0.5.0, the layout method only accepts a single argument, and that argument must be a Dash component or a function that returns a Dash component. #121
  • Package documentation has been significantly refactored to use new features of roxygen2 when documenting R6 classes
  • The title method now specifies Dash as the default application title instead of dash. #200
  • A minor bug in validate_keys which prevented interpolate_index from working as intended has been resolved

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