📣 Dash v1.9.0 release - Bug fixes

Update: version 1.16 has been released since this was posted.

Dash v1.9.0 is a minor release improving the behaviour of Dash in sandbox environments (iframes) and providing incremental improvements and bug fixes to components.

Dash v1.9.0


  • Update Plotly.js to 1.52.2
  • Improved support for Dash apps in iframes that only have allow-scripts here, and here
  • dcc.Slider and dcc.RangeSlider are now asynchronously loaded
  • dcc.Input bug in IE11, dcc.Dropdown bug with clearable=False

Previous Releases
Dash v1.8.0
Dash v1.7.0
Dash v1.6.0

Component Developers
If you were depending on dcc.Location firing an event to update your components, note that the internal (implementation detail) event onpushstate is no longer used and was replaced with an officially supported event and wrapper with helpers here.