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πŸ“£ Dash 1.6.1 released

Update: version 1.16 has been released since this was posted.

Dash 1.6.1 is a path release focused on improving Dash experience on IE11, providing minor performance improvements and fixing a few bugs.

Dash v.1.6.1


  • Adding ES5 (IE11) compatibility validation on builds in dash, dcc, html, table - while this is not enough to guarantee everything will work, it’s a good guardrail to build from
  • Improve performance by eliminating some useless renders
  • Improving table loading_data behavior
  • Improve DCC DateRangePicker behavior

Linked to minor release: πŸ“£ Dash 1.6.0 released - dcc.Graph updates, async performance improvements, improved caching


Loving the IE11 compatibility! Thanks Dash team for the active development. I feel dash has come a long way since when I started using it back when it was still around version 0.21