📣 Dash 1.6.0 released - dcc.Graph updates, async performance improvements, improved caching

Update: version 1.16 has been released since this was posted.

Dash 1.6.0 is a small minor release updating the bundled version of Plotly.js and improving support for fingerprinting and async components.

Dash v.1.6.0


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One of the key aspects of web app performance is the amount of JavaScript that needs to be processed before anything useful can be done by the browser. The cost is double, the download time and the parsing time, and the amount of JS is the best predictor for this load. Below is a snapshot of the amount of JavaScript that needs to be loaded for the latest versions of Dash before it can start doing something useful and the cost of loading that JavaScript without prior caching from a good connection and a fast/slow cellphone connection (browser simulated).

Version JavaScript Fast Internet Fast 3G Slow 3G
1.4.0 6.37 MB 1.7s 11.2s 40.2s
1.5.0 1.86 MB (-71%) 460ms 3.7s 16s
1.6.0 1.08 MB (-83%) 320ms 2.7s 9.3s

@chriddyp, does this require any special migration or refactoring or will simply upgrading dash do the trick?

@mbkupfer As a Dash App developer all you need to do is upgrade to the latest version. If you’re a component developer, the changes are more involved and the documentation will become available in a short while, once we’re sure the API is stable…


@Marc-Andre Awesome. Can’t wait to try it out :smiley:

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