Dash Molstar - Integrate Molstar viewer into your Dash app

dash-molstar is a Dash component library that integrate Molstar Viewer into Dash framework. Molstar is a modern, web-based software framework for molecular visualization and analysis. With Dash, one can use pure python code to control some basic operations of molstar and easily embed this plugin into their web page.

For a quick look on how to install and use this library, you can check the link of the github repository:

everburstSun/dash-molstar: The molstar plugin for plotly dash framework (github.com)

Alternatively, you can simply install the library with pip:

pip install dash-molstar

If you have cloned the repository to your local directory, you can use the following command to try the demo:

python usage.py

hi @ssun
:wave: welcome to the community.

That’s an interesting library. Thank you for working on it. What inspired you to create it?

Here’s a video for those who would like to see more.


Thank you for recording the video!

For the visualization of biomacromolecules, we don’t have many choices on Dash framework. The NGLViewer was officially supported by Dash, but the users need a lot sophisticated controls to have NGL display the exact content they want.

Both NGLViewer and Molstar were funded by the RCSB PDB, while Molstar was developed in recent years. The art styles and color schemes of Molstar look much better. And Molstar is also more user-friendly than any other libraries for molecular visualization. It can also do many analyses for the user automatically, and they just need to simply click on buttons on the viewer. So if the embedding and data loading problem were solved, the user can deal with this plugin without writting extra callbacks.

I’m very glad that you like this work!

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