An interactive, astronomy observation planner built with Dash and Dash-component-templates framework


We (the TolTEC Project) have developed Dash application for planning the astronomical observations using the TolTEC Camera, an mm-wavelength imager/polarimeter mounted on the Large Millimeter Telescope:

See it in live here:

This tool is built with the following custom enhancement/addition to the Dash/Plotly:


This is a framework that helps build re-usable custom components (similar to the AIO component, but with a more versatile API). See my previous show-and-tell here: Show and Tell: Simple and Powerful API for reusable Dash component group (layout and callback) and the GitHub repo for more information


This is a custom dash component that wraps the javascript library JS9 for visualizing astronomical images:


This is a custom dash component that wraps the javascript library AladinLite for exploring the sky:


This is a framework that provides modularized way of defining Flask applications containing a wide range of “extensions” Dash, SQLAlchmemy, Celery, caching, authentication, etc. The dasha is built on top of the dash_component_template to provide easy API to create multi-page application with full infrastructural support. You can find a lot of “AIO” components defined with the dash_component_template semantics in the folder dasha.web.templates.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Jerry … Great stuff. I’ve had this listed in my P&D500Index per

and will use occasion to update my listing with your incremental detail per this post. Much appreciated!

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What a powerful app. Thanks for sharing, @Jerry-Ma .

I’d like to showcase this. I’ll email you :slight_smile: