Dash Job - Senior Data Scientist - Cognite

:mega: Plotly Dash Skills: Experience in data visualization / web development frameworks like Plotly Dash

Company: Cognite

Title: Senior Data Scientist

Category: Full Time

Location: Bogota, Colombia (on-site)

Experience: 3+ years experience

Application: Link to apply


Do you see how data can be used, modeled and visualized in new ways to improve decision making in heavy-asset industries? Do you enjoy building machine-learning or physics-based solutions to help operators, engineers and business leaders plan and run their processes more efficiently? If so, you should join Cognite and become a part of the team responsible for delivering Cognite’s cutting edge industry solutions to our customers!

The data science team at Cognite is responsible for understanding our customers’ business goals and challenges, scoping and building solutions to address these, and growing Cognite’s impact within our customers’ digital transformation efforts. As a senior data scientist in the team, you will work in cross-functional pods of other data scientists, data engineers, solution architects and project managers to configure, deploy, and operationalize digital solutions across the oil and gas, renewables/sustainability, power & utilities, and manufacturing industries. You will work with the customer to understand their desired outcome, conduct discovery workshops, and advise on possible approaches and potential pitfalls. You will build solutions based on physics models and/or using machine learning techniques, build dashboards for visualizing the solutions, and scale and deploy solutions in production using Cognite’s core capabilities. The position will give you a unique opportunity to work with and learn from people with various backgrounds in business, software, and industry.

Who You Are

  • 3+ years industry experience (or an academic background) in the oil and gas, manufacturing or Power & Utilities domain building analytical solutions (data-driven and/or simulations) for production optimization and predictive maintenance, such as general well monitoring, well event predictions (risk identification), production planning, flow assurance, etc.
  • 1+ years experience serving as a domain expert on internal or customer projects
  • Proficient with Python and its data ecosystem (pandas, numpy), ML libraries (scikit-learn, keras, etc) Experience in data visualization using PowerBI, Grafana, Tableau, or web development frameworks like Plotly Dash, Streamlit, etc.
  • Promoting good software development practices including automated tests and documentation
  • Experience with Version control (git, for example)
  • Experience contributing code to a large software project
  • Pragmatic, can balance short term and long term tradeoffs
  • Realistic and credible advisor on machine learning
  • Excellent communicator internally and with customers; Managing expectations of technical stakeholders at the customer.
  • Mentoring and quality assurance of juniors’ work
  • Cloud experience, such as building streaming calculations & models as serverless functions
  • Deployment to production using provided infrastructure practices
  • A track record of working in diverse industries