Dash Job - Junior Data Scientist - Entech

:mega: Plotly Dash Skills: Demonstrated experience programming for User Interfaces in Plotly Dash

Company: Entech

Title: Junior Data Scientist

Category: Full Time

Location: United States (Remote)

Experience: Mid level

Application: Link to apply



· Collaborate with stakeholders to identify the business needs and the expected outcomes that predictive data science models can solve

· Identify and select relevant and credible data sources, and provide technical instructions to data engineers to collect, integrate and mine data

· Identify and analyze patterns. Design experiments, test hypotheses, and build models using various statistical methods and models

· Conducts advanced data analysis and develops complex algorithms to help stakeholders to discover and quantify impacts of proposed strategy modifications suggested by the data science models

· Solves stakeholders’ problems through analytics and communicates results and methodologies through an iterative collaboration process.

· Partner with stakeholders to ensure the expected quality, validity, and accuracy of data models

· Design and lead implementation of analytics pipelines and visualization by collaborating with other data/informatics teams.

· Scout, test and recommend new analytics algorithms and models to the data analytics.

· Educate the organization on new analytical approaches to drive acceleration of business decisions.

· Collaborate with other data scientists to develop the strategy of the data analytics competency and prioritize development needs.

Skill Requirements:

· Demonstrated experience in working professionally with industrial data of manufacturing sites or chemicals manufacturing for 1-2 years.

· PhD (strongly preferred), Master’s degree, or Bachelors’ Degree within either mathematics, statistics, data science, chemical engineering fields

· Solid background in statistical modeling (statistical hypothesis testing, regression, classification, optimization) as well as in Advanced statistics and machine learning (Time Series Analysis, clustering, dimension reduction, anomaly detection)

· Must have hands-on experience building predictive models from scratch without leveraging plug-and-play analytical tools

· Demonstrated experience improving performance of units and systems (for example, areas such as: chemical reactors, boilers, compressors, chillers, cooling towers & steam/condensate systems)

· Demonstrated experience programming for User Interfaces in Plotly Dash Tableau, PowerBI and related Visualizations Platforms

· Demonstrated experience with databases (Oracle, SQL, & Historians)

· DESIRED: Candidate lives on the East Coast

Other preferred skills:

· Experience within the manufacturing industry

· Experience within the Chemicals industry

· MarkLogic, NiFi, AngularJS, NodeJS, web service and visualization tools (e.g., Power BI, Tableau, Spotfire) for data injection and visualization on top of the insights

· Familiar with Cloud DevOps and software engineering methodologies

· Strong business acumen with the ability to translate business problems to data analytics requirements and design data models and analytics pipelines to resolve the problems.

· Excellent communication and customer-facing skills with the ability to explain technical approaches and rationale of findings in easy-to-understand terms for the business.

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