Dash Job - Junior Data Scientist - Statkraft

:mega: Plotly Dash Skills: Build and maintain dashboards containing key signals to be used by the proprietary trading desks.

Company: Statkraft

Title: Junior Data Scientist

Category: Full Time

Location: Stamford, Connecticut, USA

Experience: Entry level

Application: Link to apply


Job Description

We are looking for a Junior Data Scientist with strong data engineering and visualization skills to join our exciting and forward-thinking Quantitative Development team. Practical knowledge of machine learning models is required as well. Previous experience in energy or financial markets is desirable, but not necessary.

The Quantitative Development team is ground-breaking initiative within Statkraft to develop new core analytical and compute capabilities using the latest best-in-class services and technology stack. In your role you will work with various proprietary trading teams to help build a competitive edge for our commercial business via data and digitalization. While your focus will be on data engineering and visualization, you will work in all phases of the end-to-end data science lifecycle: understanding business needs, data gathering, model development, and deployment.

Reporting directly to the VP of Quantitative Development, you will leverage our technologies and markets intelligence to deliver solutions to our trading teams. At the same time, you will apply a clear passion for automation to build and continuously evolve our overall quantitative ecosystem.

This role will be based in Stamford, Connecticut, USA

Example responsibilities will include:

  • Build and maintain dashboards containing key signals to be used by the proprietary trading desks
  • Understand current data flow & architecture, and execute continuous ingestion improvements as more data requirements come through
  • Apply understanding of markets and fundamentals behind machine learning models to improve existing applications and inspire new ones
  • Contribute to and review colleagues code in the shared repositories
  • Investigate commercial tools as options for delivering solutions
  • Identify and communicate business needs between the trading desks and the Quantitative Development team
  • Assist with socializing and managing the Quantitative Development team’s strategic initiatives to the trading desks
  • Research on new trends and practices in energy markets and/or data science
  • Report progress to VP of Quantitative Development


  • M.S./B.S. in Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics or related field of study
  • Interest in learning about energy trading and financial markets
  • Well-versed in Python
  • Strong data engineering (e.g. pandas, PostgreSQL, Rest APIs) and visualization experience (e.g. Plotly, Dash)
  • Practical experience with machine learning packages (e.g. sckit-learn, LightGBM, XGBoost, Keras)
  • Previous exposure to version control (e.g. GitLab), CI/CD solutions (e.g. Argo Workflows, Terraform), containerized development (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes), and cloud deployment (e.g. Azure, AWS)
  • Collaboration frameworks (e.g. Jira, Confluence)
  • Strong analytical skills and commercial mindset with the ability to efficiently troubleshoot problems
  • Ability to collaborate and communicate well across different environments
  • Possess a can-do attitude
  • Fluent in English, both oral and in writing