Dash Job - Data Science Engineer - TD Securities

:mega: Plotly Dash Skills: Experience developing and deploying Plotly Dash applications

Company: TD Securities

Title: Python Engineer

Category: Full Time

Location: Toronto or New York (Hybrid)

Experience: At least 3 years of professional experience in Python

Application: Toronto | New York


TDS Data Science Engineering builds products and services that solve data problems. The team has been tasked with building a platform that empowers users at a variety of technical capabilities to explore and understand datasets of a variety of sizes. Providing easy-to-use tools and sharing their analytics capabilities freely are two of the key approaches these data scientists and engineers use to promote data-driven decision making throughout the business.

We are looking for someone with a background in full-stack Python development and a focus on data science and engineering at scale. The developer will drive the continued expansion of the TDS end-user computing platform to offer a complete data & analytics sandbox that supports data science and prototyping workflows across the dealer. A central pillar of this is improving our Dash Deployment Pipeline to bring Ploty Dash applications from ideation to realization in production as well as extending Plotly Dash functionality with custom components and integrations.


  • Maintain and extend JupyterHub codebase, provide ongoing support to users
  • Scale capabilities to handle usage as popularity increases with cloud-native offerings
  • Hold yourself to a high level of code quality, testing, and documentation, engaging in test-driven development and code quality benchmarks enforced with CI
  • Work with less technical teams to unlock the potential of their data
  • Build prototypes of data & analytics applications using Plotly Dash
  • Scale existing workflows and prototypes and deploy to production
  • Automate and expose key DevOps and MLOps workflows to users
  • Continue to grow the Python and Data & Analytics communities through teaching and collaboration. Promote both small-i and large-I innovation through active engagement


  • Undergraduate Degree in a STEM/quantitative field (Computer Science/Engineering/Math/Physics) or equivalent experience. Graduate programs and research experience are a plus
  • 3-7 years of professional experience in implementing technical solutions to data and/or technology problems
  • Strong programming experience with Python
  • Understanding of common data science & analytics workflows and libraries (numpy, pandas, plotly, dash, dask)
  • Sense of ownership in development and delivery
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Strong analytical skill and thought processes
  • Experience and comfort level acting as a subject matter expert