Dash Job - Data Scientist - EpochGeo

:mega: Plotly Dash Skills: Querying, creating, and integrating data flows from an Elasticsearch instance to include building dashboards with Plotly Dash

Company: EpochGeo

Title: Data Scientist

Category: Full Time (in person)

Location: Washington Dc, USA

Experience: Mid level

Application: Link to apply


Full Job Description

Data Scientist

EpochGeo is looking for a mid level Data Scientist to support one of the most innovative, exciting, and growing offices that is rooted in data rich projects in the national security space. All employees will start in the Washington D.C office but upon request and with customer approval may be allowed to work from Reston VA, Charlottesville VA, or College Park MD.

Big data problems can be overwhelming, inaccessible, and noisy. EpochGeo is a data services firm specializing in supporting the full spectrum data cycle: beginning with scalable data storage and ending in producing impactful analytics. Our developers, analysts, and data scientists have a proven track record developing open-source innovative technology and actionable analytics to inform customers’ data driven decisions.

Are you a data scientist, AI/ML practitioner, mathematician, or similar, who loves to work with data, find patterns in it, and then turn it into actionable intelligence? Are you a data scientist who loves to draw out insights from data, and then work collaboratively with analysts and engineers to turn those insights into automated workflows? If so, please reach out to us at EpochGeo to chat.

Your background likely includes:

  • 4+ years of experience of data engineering, coding in python, SQL, and familiarity with Keras, Tensorflow, or PyTorch frameworks preferred.
  • Education or experience in Data Science, Economics, or Computer Science.
  • Familiarity of applying machine learning and statistical methods to complex problem sets that resulted in successful outcomes.
  • Some experience querying, creating, and integrating data flows from an Elasticsearch instance to include building dashboards and presenting information via Kibana or Plotly Dash.
  • Familiarity with natural language processing pipelines, large language models/transformers and libraries such as spaCy, NLTK, OpenNLP, or StanfordNLP. Understanding text processing, information extraction (NER and Relationship extraction), and POS Tagging.
  • A bonus to have military and/or DoD/IC experience in any of the following disciplines: data science, computer vision, target development, geospatial, or statistical analysis.

What you will be doing:

  • Collaborating with analyst teams to understand their problem sets and identifying workflows for automation and opportunities to integrate machine learning algorithms that can be optimized at scale against big data architectures.
  • Conceiving and constructing working prototypes and first of their kind proof of concepts to push the art of the possible against real world problem sets.
  • Creating and fine tuning machine learning hyperparameters or utilizing AutoML solutions to optimize machine learning algorithms to solve customer problem sets.
  • Having an end user-first attitude and advocating on their behalf in technical exchanges
  • Working in a dynamic environment with ever evolving requirements.


  • Master’s degree in Statistics, Data Science, Mathematics, Economics, Geography, or a similar field
  • Security+ or CISSP


  • Must hold a TS/SCI clearance and be willing to submit for a CI Poly

Benefits Include:

  • 100% health care premiums covered, FSA, HSA
  • 401k: 6% match, immediate vesting
  • 14 holidays: All 11 Federal holidays, day after Thanksgiving, 24 DEC, 31 DEC
  • PTO: 4 weeks annually
  • 3 week sabbatical every 3 years with the company

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $130,000.00 - $175,000.00 per year