Dash hosted on IIS Not Updating the App at times

The app is hosted on IIS-10.
I am running into this intermittent issue where the app tab shows it’s updating. But after sometime, its doesn’t render the layout.
I checked the HTTP logs on the server and see that there is HTTP500 with SC-WIN32-Status258

In the HTTP logs, time taken for request is around 100seconds. However, I also see HTTP200 with the same time taken value.

This is an intermittent issue, so having trouble troubleshooting this issue.

The default IIS timeout is around 10mintues I think and I haven’t changed that.
Is there any Dash timeout?

Has anyone had this issue or direct further to dig into this?

Found out the issue.

The issue was in the timeout duration in IIS > FastCGI Settings > Process Model > Activity Timeout . The operation was taking long time then it was set to communication with IIS.

Increasing the timeout to 180seconds seemed to fix the issue for me.