Dash app not responding and taking too long to update


I am running a multi-page dash app, where content on a particular page depends on the state of the previous page. Data transferred between pages is light but facing the following issues while using the ui:

  1. The app is taking too long to update after each call back resulting in bad user experience. It is showing “updating” in the app’s title and the user is not able to interact properly during the updation.

  2. Sometimes if the user does not interact with the app for a couple of minutes or interacts more within a small period of time, the app stops responding and becomes non-interactive, pop up indicates the app is not responding. Since user cant be restricted or forced to use the app in a certain way, is there a solution to handle this from the developer end?

  3. I am storing data from dash ui to the server’s file system and this is taking too long, around more than 30 sec to 1 min.

PS: Plotly version 5.11.0, Dash version 2.7.0, macOS Ventura 13.5.2.

Any solutions or discussions around these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to the community in advance.