Dash Deployment on IIS - Intermittent Sluggish Performance (CGI)

Hello, I just wanted to share a frustrating issue that I solved this afternoon that others may be experiencing.

I had successfully been able to deploy a multi-page Dash application using IIS. Everything works great except if the Dash application did not get any requests for a prolonged period of time, then the next request would experience very sluggish performance.

My solution involved adjusting the Idle Timeout setting of the Process Model for the FastCGI application. The default value was 300 seconds which caused the application to be responsive as long as previous requests had occurred within 5 minutes. I set this to a much larger value so that this lapse was unlikely to occur during the business day for my organization. The path to this property is shown below.

IIS > FastCGI Settings > Process Model > Idle Timeout

Thank you for sharing your solution with us, @BrockSkaggs_HEW