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Dash Gallery Yield Curve No Source

Hi the gallery for the NYTimes Remake: Yield Curve there is no source code behind the link, just get a 404 error at Github

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That’s a good catch! The repo must still be on private, I’ll try to get in touch with who made the repo and make it public.

@nicktids - I just made this repo public. Thanks for reporting!

Thanks, I really want to make this chart but using Commodity market curves, so having the code here will help me lots.

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Nice! Would love to see it when you’re through with it :slight_smile:

Just playing so far needs a lot of work. I just edited the data and changed the colour ranges. Its still using the yield app site to run it so no where near release. But was a nice experiment and not entirely useful for trading off as hard at this range to see the contango and backwardation changes.

Final one also on the Gallery clicking the picture of the yield curve chart takes you to not the correct

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Looks great!!

Thanks for reporting the issue with the docs, fixing now…