Dash Project - Fixed Income Markets in South Africa

Hello all.

I am a bond nerd and have moved into using dash to show relative value, yield curves and their changes over time.

Initial app at SA R Bonds

The site is rather popular for the subject matter and easy to run. I attended this course to “pimp” it up a bit.

I host on a VMS and use NGROK to port forward or serve in flask/apache2.

I developed a new site integrating other elements and what I have learned including a calculator for Namibian Sovereign Bonds. (Similar to this at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange The JSE - Bond Calculators - Interest Rate Market )

Here is the new site. it is safe. Any inputs sincerely appreciated.

theYield (star-swine-terminally.ngrok-free.app)


Sweet app, @gfordred . Thanks for sharing. I took a few screenshots of your app.
Would you like to present it on Thursday?

Thank you kindly for adding screen shots and the offer to present. As much as I would love to present it is my birthday on presentation day timing cannot allow. I shall however commit to using and contributing more on the community forum in future and thank all for the course and inputs once again.

happy early birthday Gordon (@gfordred ). I hope you make the best of it and get to spend it with family and friends.