Looking for source code of a demo app in the gallery

Hi Community,

I’m looking for the source code of a particular nice app (Portfolio App) in the demo gallery (Dash Enterprise) that allows for the download of pdf files, but I cannot seem to find it in the Github repo (GitHub - plotly/dash-sample-apps: Open-source demos hosted on Dash Gallery) or any of its branches.

Do we know if the source code of this app is available? Is there a similar app (with a pdf generation/download functionality) with source code on the world wide web? :slight_smile:


Hi @Pill

Each demo has the link just click on them.

this is the result: dash-sample-apps/apps/dash-financial-report at master · plotly/dash-sample-apps · GitHub

Hi @Eduardo,

Thanks but this is not the same app that I linked to.

Somehow I can’t find the link in the demo. Where do I find the links?

Hi @Pill

If you enter in your link: GitHub - plotly/dash-sample-apps: Apps hosted in the Dash Gallery you will see all the apps in the apps folder.

If you enter in your link: Dash Enterprise you will find the link information clicking in the futter. (eg.:Financial Report Financial) for Python or R

Hi @Eduardo ,

I see.

I’m looking for the “Portfolio App” (Portfolio App), which does not seem to have a link to its source.

I’m not looking for the “Financial Report” app.

Sorry :woozy_face: I thought that all the examples has a code.

It seams that you need the Enterprice package.

I see… I guess they gotta somehow monetize this thing.
Still, a bit of a shame.