💻 Dash Command Line Client Updates - Feature Requests Wanted!

Hey Plotly Community!

I’ve had some amazing feedback from dash users over the last few months, and have had a great time meeting and talking with some of you on improvements, bug fixes etc! The dash command line tool is in a fairly stable state now, but we are always looking for new feature requests!

I’m hoping to get some new ideas for what other features a good dash command line tool needs. What other features would you like to see in a command line client?

Use dashtools to…

  • Create templated dash apps with one command
  • Deploy your app to Heroku in under a minute
  • Generate Procfile, requirements.txt and runtime.txt automatically on deploy
  • Many boilerplate templates for creating apps
  • Dockerize your app in a single step

:point_right: Official DashTools Documentation Site

:point_right: Submit Feature Requests Here