DASH - best way to implement end-user plot customization options

I’m new to Dash and I’m trying to add some customization options for end-users to my simple two-page app. I find Plotly Chart Studio sidebar as a perfect set of different options, even quarter of this would be enough. I reckon there is no easy way to incorporate a sidebar like this into an Dash app with couple of charts? Are there any examples or even possibility to use chart studio directly on existing visuals?

I also noticed that there is an Enterprise version of Chart Studio available. What additional features does this version offer? Is it a separate product from Dash Enterprise, or does it fall under Dash Enterprise?

My company is (sadly) not interested in investing in Dash Enterprise at this time (I can see the managment’s point though since the usage is minimal at our end), but I’m curious if there are any plans to offer basic authentication, basic collaboration, and end-user plot customization functions in a more affordable package in the future.

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Give a check to my github here:

It is setup as a template that you can create your own repository out of, it allows for customization of layouts after uploading data into the tables.

note: You can customize it to be able to load the data on the backend and create layouts that are saved to a database, along with logins, you can create a completely customized layout to individual users.


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@jinnyzor 's dashboard-helper is the best option. Chart Studio is maintained but no longer being developed. As a result, the Enterprise version of Chart Studio is not available.

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