Using react-chart-editor within dash

Hi, I’d like to incorporate some interactive filters into one of my dash apps, and the Filter Transform from Online Graph Maker · Plotly Chart Studio are exactly the type of thing I’d like to achieve.

I’ve had a go at cloning GitHub - plotly/react-chart-editor: Customizable React-based editor panel for Plotly charts and running the demo, as well as running the boilerplate demo from GitHub - plotly/dash-component-boilerplate: Get started creating your own Dash components here., and this has all been fine. However I’m a bit lost when it comes to trying to incorporate such a large set of components, with so many dependencies, into dash, especially as I have no previous experience with JavaScript.

Has anyone tried to do this before, or have any idea how achievable this would be?

Hey man, did you have any luck with this.

I was hoping to integrate this within my dash app. However I have very little JS experience.
The only workaround I can think of is hosting this app separately and at a different url path

No, I looked into a bit more and it seemed like a a job for an experienced JavaScript developer, well beyond my abilities. I never found an alternative either as I became busy with a different project

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