Dash App of Apps (Show and Tell)

I decided to put all my Dash apps in one place, under… one Dash app!


This collection is for my own use, for data analysis, for curiosity, for proto-typing, for fun.

At first I thought it would need to be a multi-page app, but it didn’t.

Each app is independently hosted on a sub-domain on Heroku as <app-name>.herokuapp.com.

I have my own domain running the main app, which is basically a single page with an iframe. The visibility and content of this iframe depends on the URL, and this made it easy to include and remove apps in a scalable way. The iframe basically shows the home page index of apps, or the app selected within the window.

Here is a quick summary of the apps and what they do (also available on the home page)

Productivity and analysis tools for online marketing
Data: NA
Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/advertools_app
Tags: advertising, tools, marketing, adwords, bingads

BoxofficeMojo domestic dox-office data all-time
Data: BoxofficeMojo
Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/boxofficemojo
Tags: movies, hollywood, data-viz

Healthcare Spending 2014:
Healthcare spending by country in 2014
Data: CIA World Factbook
Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/health_spending
Tags: healthcare, world, cia-factbook

Life Expectancy 2017:
Life expectancy per country in 2017
Data: CIA World Factbook
Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/life_expectancy
Tags: population, age, world, cia-factbook

World Massacres:
Wikipedia’s list of events named massacres
Data: Wikipedia
Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/wikipedia_list_of_massacres
Tags: terrorism, massacres, wikipedia, world

Median Age 2017:
Median age and age distribution by country in 2017
Data: CIA World Factbook
Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/median_age_dashboard
Tags: population, age, world, cia-factbook

Migration Stats 2017:
Net migration by country in 2017
Data: CIA World Factbook
Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/migration_dashboard
Tags: migration, world, cia-factbook

Mothers Day Celebrations:
Mothers day celebrations in the world
Data: Wikipedia
Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/mothers_day
Tags: world, mothers, wikipedia

Population Growth 2017:
Population growth per country in 2017
Data: CIA World Factbook
Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/population_growth
Tags: population, world, cia-factbook

Global Terrorism Database:
World terrorist attacks during 1970 - 2016
Data: START Consortium
Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/terrorism
Tags: terrorism, world

The website itself!
Data: NA
Git repo: https://github.com/eliasdabbas/dashboardom
Tags: tools, website

Feedback / recommendations / critiques more than welcome.